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Each item purchased through this Site is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Each purchased item (a “Purchased Item”) contains one (1) embedded smart tag (the “Tag”) which may be scanned utilizing a capable smart device.  The Tag provides the user with access to exclusive behind the scenes and celebrity content (the “Exclusive Content”) and one ticket offer (the “Ticket Offer”) for the movie currently titled “Skill House” (the “Movie”).  Skill House Movie, LLC (“Company”) along with its affiliates, parents, contractors, subsidiaries or assigns (the “Company Parties”) does not warrant or guarantee any specific amount or type of Exclusive Content available through use and scanning of the Tag.  If the Movie is released theatrically, the Ticket Offer is redeemable for either (i) one (1) theatrical movie ticket following the initial theatrical release, or (ii) one (1) digital purchase of the Movie on a digital platform selected in the sole discretion of Company.  If (i) the Movie is not released theatrically, (ii) you do not redeem the Ticket Offer while the Movie is in the theaters, (iii) there is no theater showing the Movie in your area, or (iv) you are unable to redeem the Ticket Offer for a theatrical movie ticket for any other reason whatsoever, whether the fault of you or any of the Company Parties, then the Ticket Offer shall be redeemable solely for one (1) free purchase of the Movie on a digital platform selected in the sole discretion of Company.  

Additional information regarding the Ticket Offer will be available through the Tag once tickets for the Movie become commercially available. Offer valid only in the United States and its respective territories. Ticket Offer and/or Exclusive Content void where prohibited. No refunds or exchanges following first use or scan of Tag. Other returns and/or exchanges subject to posted terms and conditions.  Offer redeemable for one (1) year from initial purchase. Company Parties are not responsible or liable for any sales on secondary markets where the Tag may have already been scanned or utilized.  The Tag, Ticket Offer and Exclusive Content has an attributed monetary value of $16.00 USD. The Tag and all content accessible through use of the Tag, including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, patents and any other intellectual property of any sort, is the sole legal property of Company or the relevant Company Party.  No license, sublicense or assignment is intended, inferred or shall be effective by operation of your purchase or use of the Tag.

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